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OKeeffe responded by clarifying his belief that multinationals were neither the cause nor the panacea for all the ills in African agriculture. Businesses of all sizes big and small have a role to play, he said, as do governments and civil society. So what specific role did OKeeffe have in mind for large businesses? One suggestion centred on the responsible use of corporations massive buying power. Consider Africas large-scale food processing capacity, which is chronically ill-equipped at present. With the right kind of procurement guarantees, big companies could club together and persuade investors to put up the cash to make the critical improvements necessary. Standard-setting is another area where all the panellists saw a role for business. OKeeffe gave the example of recent efforts by Diageo to assess human rights abuses in its supply chain. Just by asking the questions and forcing our suppliers to adhere to guidelines does raise the bar, he said. Krobo-Edusei agreed, noting that few regulatory authorities either enforce quality standards or promote sustainable agronomic practices.

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