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How TEAMDom is taking on the Kardashians, Disney and China SNAP Video See more videos If famous people on social media were considered an industry, the Kardashians would be its dominant business. Kim, Khloe, Kylie and the rest of the influential clan have spun their stardom into shows, merchandise, games and other businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Now, several social media celebrities are wondering whether working collaboratively they can top the drama-filled Kardashian family. They are the leaders, said Jake Paul, who rose to fame on the now-defunct 6-second video app Vine. But TEAMDom can be bigger than that. Were in the best position relationship- and knowledge-wise to build upon all this social media power. TEAMDom, short for Teen Entertainment and Media Kingdom, has brought together 13 online stars so far. They collectively have about 48 million followers on social media apps. Their goal is to promote each others works, mentor each other and collaborate on projects for advertisers. Theyll also work together on developing shows, merchandise and several initiatives aimed at advancing their fame and propelling it into a business. Paul, the year-old ventures founder and chief executive, described his grand vision as replicating in the social media age what Walt Disney Co.,amp.html

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